Everything You Need To Know About Algae Eating Fish For Ponds

Algae is not uncommon in fish ponds, however, this isn’t a good sign and can be detrimental to aquatic life there. Aquarists remove algae from ponds through different means, and one of them is introducing algae-eating fish into the water. Notwithstanding, there’s more to just handpicking fish into the pond; you must consider different factors. […]

Planktonic Unicellular and Colonial algae

Phylum Chlorophyta Botryococcus Colonial Chlorophyte: planktonic, sometimes bloom-forming. Colony is very dense, making cells hard to see; contains yellow oil droplets which can be squeezed out under a coverslip Haematococcus This alga is characteristic of shallow water which dries out regularly, such as bird-baths, which it stains a blood-red colour. Haematococcus is a chlorophyte, though […]

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