The Genus Mougeotia

Phylum Chlorophyta, sub-phylum Chlorophyceae, order Zygnematales, fam. Zygnemataceae. Mougeotia species are unbranched filamentous green algae. The cell wall is characteristically straight and parallel-sided (compare with Oedogonium, Microspora or Stigeoclonium, which sometimes have bulbous cells). They have a single chloroplast in the form of an axial plate or ribbon which usually almost fills the length of the cell. The chloroplast […]

The Genus Ulothrix

Phylum Chlorophyta; sub-phylum Chlorophyceae; Order Zygnematales; Family Zygnemataceae Ulothrix species are unbranched filamentous green algae. The cells are typically about as broad as they are long (or broader). The chloroplast is a ring which runs around all or part of the circumference of the cell, and occupies almost its whole length. They grow attached to surfaces […]

How to Remove Algae from Pool Without a Vacuum

Most modern pools are automatically fitted with accessories like a filter, vacuum, and other gear when the pool is installed. but over time, these accessories can wear down and give out. Pool vacuums can make it very easy to keep a pool nice and clean but they can be very expensive. But don’t worry too much if you don’t have a pool vacuum on hand at the moment because in this guide we will show you how to remove green algae from pool without a vacuum.

How to Get Algae Off Bottom of Pool

Are you wondering how to get algae off bottom of pool? It isn’t fun to swim in dirty water with lots of green algae growth and the idea of lowering your feet into lots of dead algae deposits on the pool floor can be quite nerving. Bottom pool algae can be annoying to deal with since a lot of swimming pool pumps struggle to pick up these dead deposits.

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