What’s That Alga: the Algal Web

Hydrodictyon is known as the 'Water-Net'

Algae are interesting for a number of reasons:

1: They are primary producers at the root of many aquatic food chains, and an important component of

2: They are objects of great beauty in their own right, unfortunately usually overlooked

3: They are very sensitive indicators of environmental conditions, and a study of their variety in a waterbody can reveal much about water quality.

Understanding the role of algae in aquatic systems requires that we can
distinguish their species, which can be a daunting undertaking initially: the purpose of this web site is to help you to identify algae, and appreciate their
beauty and importance.

This is an experimental net-based aid to algal identification, with colour photographs of the algae taken under a range of
field and culture conditions.

The pages are arranged as an illustrated check-list of the algae found in particular habitats, with direct links also to certain
genera, and an alphabetical index.

An identification facility is under development (WebKey). Please test it.


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John Kinross

email: webmaster@algalweb.net

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