What Is The Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Algae

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Above-ground pools have become quite popular these past few years. Those temporary pop-up pools are ideal for tenants who might not be allowed to create permanent modifications on homes or for homeowners who do not want to be responsible for pool cleaning all year long. 

Concrete or fiberglass above-ground pools have also become popular because they are more affordable to install since excavation is not required and they can be very charming when you add fixtures like a wooden deck or a natural stone wall around them. 

But these pools can sometimes be hard to keep clean because they often don’t come with pool accessories like a vacuum. In this guide, we are going to help you find the best above-ground pool vacuum for algae because we do feel that a vacuum is one of the handiest tools for getting rid of algae.

What Is A Pool Vacuum?

Pool vacuums can make pool cleaning tasks a lot easier. There are three main types of pool vacuums available on the market.

Automatic pool vacuums

Automatic pool vacuums are the most popular types. These tools usually come with a hose that attaches to your pool pump. The pool pump sucks water and debris from your pool through this hose and into the pool filtration system where the filter clears these deposits from the water before the water circulates back into your pool. 

Automatic pool vacuums usually have a flat head and are often referred to as creepy crawly.  The creepy will automatically move around on your pool floor and even up against the pool walls to suck algae, dirt, and other deposits from your pool. It is a perfect hassle-free solution but these units can be pricey. 

Manual pool vacuums

Manual pool vacuums are more popular in above-ground pools because automatic pool vacuums are expensive and can get in the way. Manual pool vacuums usually include a pool hose that connects to your pool pump, a vacuum head, and a telescopic pole. 

The vacuum head usually has small wheels that allow you to easily glide the vacuum over the floor while the telescopic pole makes it possible to navigate the vacuum all over the pool floor and walls. 

This type of vacuum will suck up any algae and debris it comes in contact with but requires manual labor for it to move around. These vacuums are affordable, relatively easy to use, and a lot more convenient than manual pool sweeping. 

Smart pool vacuums

Smart pool vacuums are still very new on the market and are quite expensive compared to automatic pool vacuums. There are different concepts for smart vacuums and they can look quite different. But overall, they all share the same functionality. 

Robotic pool vacuums are motorized and need to be recharged to function. They often come with an auto-docking station that allows the pool owner to easily extract it from the water for manual recharging. These vacuums have a reservoir that collects pool waste like algae while it moves around on your pool floor. Some of these pool vacuums are wireless while others are wired and allow of them usually need to be emptied manually once it collected lots of gunk from your pool. 

The Best Above Ground Pool Vacuum for Algae

Since pool vacuums vary so much, it only makes sense to do a review on all the top types available on the market. This way you can find one that best suit your pool type or pump. Here is a quick look at the best pool vacuums to get if you want a clean pool. 

The XtremepowerUS Automatic Vacuum

If your above-ground pool is fitted with a large pump of over 1hp then you should consider the XtremepowerUS automatic vacuum. This vacuum is a sure buy because it is an Amazon bestseller with over 14 thousand buyers who absolutely love the functionality of this pool cleaning tool. 

This automatic cleaner connects to your pool hose and will then automatically suck up debris from the bottom and sides of your pool. The vacuum head is specially designed to extract algae, dirt, and other loose particles from your pool surfaces and can even clear tough algae species.

With this vacuum, you only need to hook it up to your pump and make sure that it is in good running condition. It will take care of all the hard work for you. There is no need to recharge it, empty it, and you only need to clear the flapper once between uses. 


Vacuum type – Automatic vacuum

Pool compatibility – Up to 30 feet

Pool pump compatibility – At least 1hp or 1600GHP

Electrical requirements – None

Care requirements – None

Included – Suction head, 10 hoses, seal clips, ye ball diverter, and user manual


  • Amazon bestseller product with over 14 thousand buyer reviews
  • Ideal for pools with up to 30 feet diameter
  • No electric connection required
  • Attaches to your pool pump
  • No need to empty or clear a filter
  • Automatically moves around in the pool to clear debris and algae
  • Very easy and convenient to use
  • Effective cleaning for any type of pool including vinyl pools


  •  Expensive compared to manual pool vacuums
  • The vacuum flapper needs to be cleared regularly to keep it from clogging up
  • Long hose cords can become tangled
  • Requires a rather large pump

The Vingli Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner

The Vingli vacuum is another great solution for people who want to reduce their pool maintenance. This pool vacuum cleaner is compatible with pool pumps of at least 3/4 hp and it will automatically glide all over your pool floor and walls to clear algae. It is a suitable pool with a diameter of up to 30 feet and you can even use it on vinyl pools or inground pool types.

The automatic pool cleaner is very simple to use because you never have to empty or clear a filter and you don’t have to do any hard work to get your pool nice and sparkly.


Vacuum type – Automatic vacuum

Pool pump compatibility – At least 3/4 hp or 635m3/hour/1700gal/hr

Electrical requirements – None

Care requirements – None

Included – Vacuum head, 10 hoses, instruction manual, and connectors or fittings


  • Affordable price range
  • Reduces your overall maintenance 
  • Connects to your pump suction valve
  • Effectively sucks up algae and other deposits
  • No filter that needs to be cleaned
  • Automatically moves around the pool
  • Very easy and convenient to use


  • Relatively strong pool pump required
  • Expensive compared to manual vacuums

The PoolSupplyTown Manual Pool Vacuum


If you don’t have a pool pump then the PoolSupplyTown vacuum is a must. It is a good tool for small kiddies’ pool size and even inflatable pools or fountains. 

This vacuum can be hooked up to your garden hose water supply. The flowing water will create a vacuum that sucks up algae and deposits while you glide the vacuum all over the pool surface. 

The vacuum head has rollers so you can easily glide it over the surface while dual scrubbing brushes help loosen some of the algae for effective cleaning. It is not as efficient as pool hose cleaners but it is a very handy solution if you don’t have a pool pump. 


Vacuum type – Manual vacuum

Pool compatibility – Small pools, above ground pools, ponds, fountains, or waterfalls

Pool pump compatibility – Garden hose

Electrical requirements – None

Care requirements – Manually steer the vacuum and empty the debris bag

Included – Vacuum head, 4-foot telescopic pole, mesh bag, instruction manual, and other parts


  • Ideal for small pools like inflatable or above ground pools
  • Connects to your garden hose to create suction
  • Effective for removing algae
  • Good portable tool 
  • Very simple to set up and operate
  • Extremely affordable price
  • Lots of positive buyer ratings


  • You need to manually steer the vacuum to clean your pool with algae
  • The filter bag needs to be emptied manually
  • Not as efficient as manual vacuums that connect to your pool pump

The Poolmaster Air Manual Pool Vacuum 

The Poolmaster vacuum is perfect for above-ground pools with small pumps. This handheld vacuum head connects to a standard-sized vacuum hose and will use your pool pump to extract and clear algae in pools. 

You can connect a telescopic pole to the vacuum head and steer it across the pool surface while your swimming pool filter captures and clears algae from the water. Powerful scrubbing brushes will loosen algae from the pool surface so the suction power of your pool hose can easily extract the algae through the filter pump.


Vacuum type – Manual vacuum

Pool compatibility – Above ground pool, vinyl liner pools, and small pools 

Pool pump compatibility – Standard pool hose

Electrical requirements – None

Care requirements – Manually move the vacuum head around the pool

Included – Vacuum head only


  • Ideal cleaning tool for small to large above ground pools
  • Connects to your standard pool hose to create suction
  • Pool algae are cleared through the pool filter
  • Scrubbing brushes will also help loosen up algae
  • Very simple to use 
  • Affordable price range
  • A lot better at removing dead algae compared to manual pool brooms


  • You need to manually push the vacuum head around using the telescopic pole
  • Some feel that roller vacuum heads are easier to maneuver

The Aiper Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Tech lovers and pool owners that don’t have a pool pump can consider the cordless Aiper vacuum. This robotic vacuum is quite futuristic and won’t leave your pool all messy with pipes and wires. 

The robotic pool cleaner has a rechargeable battery that offers you up to 90 minutes of cleaning time. Once you lower it into the pool, it will automatically run over the entire pool and clear algae from your pool bottom. The algae will be captured by a built-in filter.

Once the battery runs low, the machine will stop against the poolside so you can easily lift it out of the pool without getting wet. You can recharge it, clean the filter and reuse it again in a few hours. 


Vacuum type – Robotic vacuum

Pool compatibility – Up to 538 square feet

Pool pump compatibility – None required

Electrical requirements – 110V household power supplies recharging

Care requirements – Manually remove the vacuum from the water, recharge it and empty the filter tray 

Included – Robotic vacuum, charger, and instructions


  • Automatically vacuums your pool
  • Perfect for small above ground pools
  • It comes with bottom brushes that will also loosen up tough dirt
  • It stops along the pool wall so you can easily pull it up for recharging
  • The lithium battery can be recharged within 3 – 4 hours
  • It is light enough to easily lift from the pool
  • A filter catches all the dead algae so you can clear these deposits from the pool
  • No cords can get in your way


  • Expensive price
  • You need to manually clean the filter
  • The unit needs to be recharged before every use
  • It can be annoying to recharge and clean the device between uses

The Paxcess Cordless Robotic Vacuum Pool Cleaner

The Paxecss is another good robotic vacuum cleaner to get if you have a pool with a slight slope. This little robotic vacuum cleaner runs on battery power and doesn’t need to be hooked up to a pump which makes it perfect for pools that don’t have pumps.

The robotic cleaner’s battery will enable it to clean your pool for 90 minutes of continuous cleaning during which dead algae will be caught up by its built-in filter. Once the battery runs low, it will stop against the pool wall so you can easily remove it from the water. You can then recharge the battery and clean the filter. It can then be reused as soon as the battery is full again. 


Vacuum type – Robotic smart vacuum

Pool compatibility – Up to 861 square feet

Pool pump compatibility – None required

Electrical requirements – 110V household outlet for recharging

Care requirements – Manually extract it from the pool to recharge it and clean the filter

Included – Robotic pool cleaner, charger, and instruction manual


  • It automatically vacuums your pool
  • Cordless design is very convenient for swimming while cleaning the pool
  • Ideal for small pools below 100 square meters
  • Offers up to 90 minutes of cleaning time
  • Comes with a cord so you can easily lift it from the pool
  • When the battery runs down, the vacuum will stop next to the pool wall so you can easily lift it out
  • You can recharge it within 4 – 6 hours
  • Large wheels allow it to easily glide across the pool surface
  • It can climb slopes of up to 15 degrees 


  • You will need to manually wash the removable filter after every use
  • Constant recharge sessions can get annoying
  • The vacuum can’t clean your pool walls 

Final Thoughts

We do hope that this guide helped you found the best above-ground pool vacuum for algae so you can keep your small pool crisp and clean throughout the hot summer months. And if you are struggling with a particularly tough strand of algae species like black algae or pink algae or need more advice on how to clear green algae from your pool then you can have a look at some of our other guides. On AlgalWeb, we strive to help pool owners find the simplest and best pool cleaning solutions.

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