Stigeoclonium   isolates in culture:

Cultured in modified Bold's Basal Medium (BBMPTB12 : Cox and Bold, 1966) since 1997:
note Ulotrichoid chloroplasts - not always seen in field collected samples.

Cells slightly bulbous, ulotrichoid chloroplasts.

Pointed apical cell (hairs are produced in conditions of nutrient scarcity)

Bulbous cells and a branch:

Ulotrichoid chloroplasts

This isolate is characterised by very frequent branching


Stigeoclonium in field samples


These show typical characteristics of Stigeoclonium growing in conditions where nutrients are becoming limiting



Nutrient limitation is more severe at this site and long colourless hair cells may be seen in some images.  The first image shows the basal part of a plant, with rhizoids. The sparse branching of the rhizoids indicates it is S. helveticum.


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John Kinross