Freshwater Algae from Kindrogan Pond

(This page shows periphytic algae collected on slides exposed in the pond for 24 hours,
then grown in filtered pond water for ~ 6 weeks)

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Coleochaete  disc-like filamentous form   note the sheathed bases to the setae (arrowed):

Didymosphenia geminata  Bacillariophyceae:-two cells seen in typical girdle view:
  a single empty frustule in valve view:    
Gloeocystis  note the concentric mucilage; no pseudochaetae:

        concentric mucilage sheaths + 2 unbranched setae per cell, not visible in close-up

Schizochlamydella (previously identified as Westella      : cells are surrounded by fragments of old mother cell wall within a colonial mucilage

 Kindrogan 2003 samples

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