A page of pond algae

These images were produced at Napier University using a Leitz Laborlux S microscope fitted with a Diagnostic Instruments SPOT digital camera and software.
Images of the stage micrometer at the same magnification were superimposed using Paint Shop Pro 5.


Note the fibrils extending through the gelatinous envelope in the Tetraspora colony. Many of the common algae in this pond have setae or chaetae: I wonder why?

Oedogonium species are characterised by the cell wall structure: cell division results in rings at the end of the cells. This is not so clear in some smaller species, but the cells tend to be slightly wider at one end than the other. The basal disc is found in all Oedogonium species, and some other genera (see the Tetraspora above)

These algae are all from my garden pond


Dr John Kinross

Author: John Kinross
Updated 25 February 2000