Alphabetical list of algal images (no thumbnails, for fast loading), with brief descriptions.
[NB. IDs have been checked against "The Freshwater Algal Flora of the British Isles":
however some older IDs using "How to Know the Freshwater Algae" (Prescott) do not appear in FAFBI, and are marked "Prescott".]

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  Naegliella 1   2   3
colonial Chrysophyte: grows on surfaces as a flat disc of slightly angular cells, in colonial mucilage with tufts of long erect gelatinous hairs. Shewington
  Navicula sp.  1 unicellular Diatom: motile, 'boat-shaped', two chloroplasts, one against each side of the girdle; lots of species
  Navicula capitata  1  2  3  4   Bemersyde
  Navicula capitatoradiata  1   Shewington
  Navicula ?cryptotenella 1  2   Bemersyde
  Navicula oblonga  1    
  Navicula protractoides  1   Shewington
  Navicula radiosa 1 2  3  4  5   L. Tallant
Lily Loch
R. Yarrow
  Navicula rhynchocephala  1   Bemersyde
  Navicula rhynchocephala v.amphiceros  1   Bemersyde
  Navicula subrhynchocephala  1   Bemersyde
  Neidium productum  1 unicellular Diatom Bemersyde
  Nephrocytium Chlorophyte; cells more or less 'kidney-shaped', in groups of 4 (or multiples) in a mucilaginous sheath  
  Nephrocytium agardhianum  1 2  3  4   Loch an Eilein 
  Nephrocytium limneticum  1   Bemersyde 
  Netrium  1   unicellular Desmid (placoderm): cylindrical with tapering rounded ends, some slightly swollen in the middle, with 2 chloroplasts. (N interruptum has each chloroplast almost divided in 2) SCO076
  Netrium digitus  1   2 Lochan an Daimh
Loch an Eilein
Loch Trool
  Netrium interruptum 1  2 Lochan an Daimh
L. Chon
  Nitzschia ?homburgiensis 1 unicellular Diatom, 2 chloroplasts located fore and aft in the cell Bemersyde
  Nitzschia radicula  1   Bemersyde
  Nitzschia sigmoidea  1  2  3 unicellular Diatom: some Nitzschia species are sigmoid as in this case L. Skeen
  Nitzschia scalaris  1   R.Creran
  Nitzschia scalpelliformis   1 Another sigmoid Nitzschia species: this one resembles Gyrosigma, but is distinguished by the chloroplast arrangement Algarve,Portugal
  Nitzschia vermicularis 1   Millport
  Nostoc sp.  1  2  3  4 colonial Cyanobacterium: spherical cells form filaments which are crowded together in a firm colonial mucilage. Shewington
L. Kinardochy
L. Chon
  Nostoc linckia 1  2    Loch an Eilein


  The genus Oedogonium with descriptive notes

filamentous Chlorophyte: grows attached to surfaces, unbranched, cells are tapering and/or bulbous, with rings around one end as a result of cell division; chloroplast a network. Feels coarse. Can reproduce sexually as well as vegetatively.  
  Oedogonium 6Ám. 1   2  3   4  5  6   Shewington
L. Chon
Loch an Eilein
  Oedogonium 15Ám. 1   2   3  4   5   6   7   8   9   10  11  12  13   Shewington
L. Chon
Ardnave L.
  Oedogonium 20-30Ám.   1  2   3   Loch an Eilein
R. Yarrow
  Oedogonium 45Ám. 1   2   3   Broxburn
R. Yarrow
  Oedogonium germling  1   2   3    
  Oedogonium undulatum 1 2 one of the few which can be identified to species without seeing the zygote (product of sexual reproduction) Loch Ballygrant

  Oligochaetophora 1   2   3 colonial Chlorophyte: grows on surfaces as a group of a small number of cells each with several long hairs emerging from the colonial mucilage, parietal chloroplast. Kindrogan pond
  Oocystis  1 2  3  4 5 6 colonial Chlorophyte (coenobium): spherical/ oval (sometimes other shapes) cells in 2, 4, 8...64 series, enclosed in a mucilage sheath, sometimes the mother-cell wall.
Figures 4 and 5 correspond better with Prescott's "Rayssiella"
Stac Pollaidh
L. Gorm Camphill resr.
  Oocystis borgei 1   Loch an Eilein 
  Oocystis ?elliptica  1  2 3   Lower L. Glenastle
  ?Oonephris obesa  1 unicellular or colonial Chlorophyte: one or a small number of cells within mother cell wall remnant; cells ellipsoid or kidney-shaped, one side straight in the case of O.obesa; stellate chloroplast. Lochan an Daimh
  Ophiocytium 1 2 3 4  5

Ophiocytium arbusculum  1  2 3 
colonial Chlorophyte: attached (or some planktonic); cell cylindrical, curved with plate chloroplasts, forming a cluster of single-celled branches at the other end from the holdfast, each may branch again. Shewington
L. Dhomhnuill

Lily Loch
  Oscillatoria 5Ám. 1  2 3  4  5 filamentous Cyanobacterium: smooth-walled filament composed of short cells, end cell may be a different shape; motile (gliding), grey, brown or blue-green colour; no sheath (cf. Phormidium) Glencorse
L. Tallant
L. Gearach
Liliy Loch
  Oscillatoria 8Ám. 1  2    Gourlaw
L. Chon
  Oscillatoria 11Ám. 1     L. Chon
  Oscillatoria 20µm.  1   Kilchiaran lochan


John Kinross