Pond Algae: Coleochaete.
Phylum Chlorophyta, Order Chaetophorales, Family Coleochaetaceae.

These algae form a colony attached to substrata and the cells bear sheathed setae: the setae are long and are best seen at low magnification,
focussing above the level of the cells. The sheathed bases can be clearly seen in the second and third images below.
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Disc form:C. scutata

  These images show C. scutata plants at progressive stages in their development:

Here is a mature, well-established C. scutata plant:

This is probably C. orbicularis, similar to C.scutata but with smaller cells

Filamentous form: C. irregularis Some have cells with a diffuse margin.

Intermediate form C. soluta - filamentous but the filaments grow closely together to form a disc:


Erect form: in C. pulvinata the filaments are erect rather than prostrate, and the colony is hemispherical:


These images show C. pulvinata with flask-shaped oogonia (reproductive structures)



John Kinross