MSc Aquatic Ecosystems Management

Reedbed sewage treatment systems

The reedbeds illustrated here are located on the island of Islay, where they are used for sludge treatment following preliminary treament of the sewage in an oxidation ditch. The reedbeds reduce the amount of sludge which is eventually tankered away for disposal
Keills reedbed system: the photos show the installation of a new reedbed
Overview of the site
Oxidation ditch
Liner installed. The pipework is being laid on the base of the excavated hole.
These are the gravels which are to be laid on top of the pipework.
Close-up; the coarsest gravel is laid at the bottom, then the smaller stones, and finally the sand.
The bed is laid
Another view. Reeds will be planted shortly
Ballygrant reedbed system
This is a well-established bed: overview of the setup
The oxidation ditch: it was receiving supplementary aeration via an airline.
Close-up of the reeds: the pipes allow air to reach the root zone