MSc Biology of Water Resource Management Project Reports
(Aquatic Ecosystem Management from 2004 on)



C J Eaton. 1982. Acute toxicity testing of oily water discharges.

James Crawford Philp. 1982. The effects of drilling mud cuttings on the biodegradation of model hydrocarbons by marine sediment microorganisms.

Dewi Francis Roberts. 1982. The application of Mytilus edulis as an indicator of pollution by cadmium lead and silver: derived from an industrial source.

William Walker. 1982. A comparison of various methods of isolating infectious pacreatic necrosis (IPN) virus from salmonids.


Janet Reid Brown. 1983. Concentrations of copper, zinc and lead in certain invertebrate species from the Garroch Head sludge dumping ground.

Gillian K Clark. 1993. Aspects of the experimental infectivity, transmission and pathophysiology of vibriosis disease in rainbow trout, Salmo gairdneri Richardson.

Sandra Court. 1983. Fish populations and bottom fauna in two Rannoch streams.

Jane Katharine Foster. 1983. The vertical distribution of microbial populations and the pressure resistance if the thermophilic bacterium Sulfolobus.


Douglas Briton. 1984. The effects of temperature and pressure on a mixed population of suphate reducing bacteria.

J Allan Cooper. 1984. Investigations of gill lesions in the flounder (Platichthys flesus) at gross haematological and cellular levels.

Neil Andrew Goodlad. 1984. The distribution and population of Brown Trout (Salmo trutta(L)) in the feeder streams of L Vyrnwy in relation to macroinvertebrates, water chemistry and land use.

Clifford Law. 1984. The use of 15N in monitoring biological processes and anthropogenic influence in the aquatic environment, with particular reference to the effect of fertilisers.

Paula Anna Mitton. 1984. An environmental assessment of copper pollution in a marine bay.

Bridget Jill Powell. 1984. Genetig studies on micro-organisms important in the corrosion of metal structures in water.

Carolyn Thackeray. 1984. Invertebrate fauna of forested streams in the English Lake District.


Abdulla Hashim Al-Habshi. 1985. An investigation into some selected environmental aspects of water and sediments in the River Avon.

Rachel Anne Benson. 1985. A study of the potential for bankside habitat improvement for the Otter on stretches of the River Severn and River Vyrnwy in Montgomeryshire.

Maria Lupe Galeano. 1985. A survey of the flora and fauna of activated sludge treatment plants in relation to treatment efficiency and operational conditions.

David Gilmour King. 1985. Mercury uptake and distribution in the common mussel Mytilus edulis with special reference to the organs, as indicators of environmental mercury pollution.

John Henri Kinross. 1985. The algal flora of acidified streams.

Muiruri Mwirigi. 1985. Studies on the microcrustacea of four Lakeland tarns with a note on the distribution of aquatic Gastropods.

Christopher Alan Veale. 1985. Physiological stress in mussels along a salinity/pollution gradient.


Susan K Bailey. 1986. Penis development in female dogwhelks (Nucella lapillus): a tributyltin induced response.

Clifford Michael Booth. 1986. Monitoring of seasonal changes in soluble phosphorus and silica fractions in the sediment pore and overlying water of Loch Leven, and attempting to assess the role of the sediment as a nutrient source.

Brian Cleator. 1986. The environmental impact of an industrial discharge emitting cadmium and particulate solids into the Firth of Forth.

Jane L Driver. 1986. The effects of a spillage of toluene on a small estuarine system.

Alexander Kodjo Haddison. 1986. Efficiency of chlorination.

Melanie JC Harding. 1986. Distribution of salmon alevins from a redd.

David Laurence Howell. 1986. The assessment of phytoplankton growth potential in lochs receiving phosphate runoff from fertilised forestry plantations.

Allan H Mowat. 1986. Induction of cadmium binding proteins in unicellular algae.

Sally AH Smith. 1986. Performance studies of slow sand filters used to produce potable water in SE Scotland.

Ian Andrew Wilson. 1986. Individual variation of protein turnover and metabolic response by the mussel, Mytilus edulis, subjected to sub-lethal and acute temperature stress.


Rosslyn Haddigan. 1987. Lethal and sublethal effects of tribuyltin on eggs and larvae of commercial fish species.

Mary Margaret Hennesy. 1987. Hepatic aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase activity in flounder (Platichthys flesus) as a monitor of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon contamination in the Forth estuary.

David N Horne. 1987. An ecological survey of Seaford Bay prior to installation of a long sea outfall.

Martyn Howie. 1987. The partitioning of ATP in marine sediments: development of a bacterially specific ATP releasing agent.

Godwin Ifeanyi Madume. 1987. Utility of a Spionid polychaete in the indication of effects of organic enrichment.

Margarey Anne Mograby. 1987. An environmental assessment of arsenic pollution in a marine bay.

Trizah Wanjiku Ndwaru. 1987. The survey of parasites in sewage sludge: a look at some of the methods used for their isolation.

Jan Rusin. 1987. The basis of individual variation of copper toxicity in Mytilus edulis.


Stuart James Beckhurst. 1988. Changes in selected heamatological parameters in Gadus morhua (Cod) stressed by sequential sampling and exposure to sewage sludge.

Japhet Chipeta. 1988. Organisms in the water distribution system of the East Lothian region.

James (Seamus) Dante Giuliano Lamond. 1988. Determination of hydrocarbons in sediments and biota from Heraklion Bay, North Crete.

Sean JR Meikle. 1988. The determination of biomass composition in high-rate algal ponds.

Susan Karen Millar. 1988. Method development and investigation of sulphate reducing bacteria in a shallow sand aquifer contaminated with industrial waste.

Lorna Elizabeth Norton. 1988. A survey of sediment phosphorus characteristics in Coldingham Loch, SE Scotland.

Ewan Ramsay. 1988. An investigation of coliphages as indicators of the virological and bacteriological quality of Lothian Region waters.

Heather Shrimpton. 1988. Ecological and biochemical aspects of flounder (Platichthys flesus L) in an industrial estuary: the Forth estuary, Scotland.

Susan C Walters. 1988. The ecological effects of river maintenance engineering on the Caistor Canal, Lincolnshire.


Jean Margaret Blake. 1989. Phosphorus and silica status of the sediments of a shallow eutrophic loch.

Richard Paul Chadd. 1989. A comparison between macroinvertebrate assemblages associated with different pond microhabitats.

Geraldine P Daly. 1989. Biological effects of sewage sludge physiological and biochemical profiles.

Karen Fretwell. 1989. The effects of sewage sludge on selected marine crustacea.

Heike Hettler. 1989. Use of a specialised oxygen probe setup for the detection of toxic effects of pesticides on photosynthesis and dark respiration rates of microalgae.

Elizabeth Anna Packman. 1989. Hydrocarbons in the marine environment in the Bay of Iraklion, North Crete.

Timothy Pickering. 1989. An evaluation of the use of two species of herbivorous fish: Sarotherodon niloticus and Sarotherodon aureus for weed control in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.

Ian Frederick Maplesden. 1989. Inhibition of nitrification in ready biodegradability tests.

Karen Elizabeth Sweetman. 1989. The use of macro and micro-crustaceans to assess the toxicity of petrochemical effluents and the effects of weathering on toxicity.


Jane Louise Godolphin. 1990. The effects of temperature and MEP-2* genotye on malate oxidation rates in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L) heart mitochondria.

Alison Catherine Graves. 1990. Quality assessment of the Wey navigational channel using the chironomid pupal exuvial technique.

Stephanie E Lewis. 1990. Investigation of Whiteadder Reservior (East Lothian, Scotland) for Cryptosporidium spp.

Samantha Matraves. 1990. An investigation into faunal reduction in the River Aire.

Neil A Robertson. 1990. Studies on the potential impact of salmon de-lousing operations on epibiotic invertebrates of Ascophylum nodosum (L) Le Jolis.

Alison W Shaw. 1990. Trace metal concentrations in the whelk Buccinium undatum from three sites in Scottish coastal waters.

Rowena FM Smith. 1990. Individual variation in adaptation to reduced salinity in the marine mussel Mytilus edulis.

Helen J Webb. 1990. Acidity and macroinvertbrate faunal communities in upland stream systems on the North York Moors.


Beth Adamson. 1991. A limnological reconnaissance of five Scottish lochs, with particular reference to eutrophication; and a preliminary investigation into nutrient limitation at Loch Insh.

Debra Bignell. 1991. The effect of Kuwait crude oil and various oil dispersants on the germination and growth of the marine macroalgae Enteromorpha compressa and Sargassum muticum.

Catherine E Ellis. 1991. Investigations into the distribution and behaviour of the fish leech Piscicola geometra (L).

Philippa C Hynes. 1991. Floral and faunal colonisation of High Eske nature reserve and the Aike/Arram Diversion in East Yorkshire.

Mark Digby Moynagh. 1991. An investigation into the settlement of suspended solids in rivers from point source inputs.

Fiona J Page. 1991. Phycological studies of Saskatchewan community pasture dugouts and an examination of factors affecting cyanobacterial toxin production.

Anita Shah. 1991. The assessment of the susceptibility of some Scottish freshwater lochs to eutrophication, using physico-chemical parameters.

Penny M Walmsley. 1991. An investigation into detoxification responses of Dab (Limanda limanda) to organic and inorganic contaminants.


Stephen A Arnott. 1992. Predator-prey interactions and benthic production in the vicinity of a fish farm in Loch Creran.

Maria Lourdes Arretxe. 1992. The effects of organic acids on algal growth and photosynthesis.

Leonore Mary Gilligan. 1992. An ecological assessment of the brackish-water drainage system of the Holderness, with particular reference to water quality.

Robert Frank Glenn. 1992. An examination of the chemical performance of a novel biofiltration system, including analysis of biofilter organisms.

Donna Lawrence. 1992. A study of the effects of catchment afforestation on stream water quality and freshwater fauna.

Lynda Claire Newton. 1992. The use of acetylcholinesterase activity of Mytilus edulis in monitoring pesticide release from salmonid fish farms.

Mark Walters. 1992. Comparison of different algal biomass recovery techniques from high rate algal pond effluents.

Fiona Rosemary Watson. 1992. Investigation into key chemical fluctuations and relationships in the Forth estuary with particular reference to suspended solids, particulate organic carbon, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and dissolved oxygen.

Mark Frome Wilkinson. 1992. An investigation of the impact of organic pollution on the benthic communities of the soft sediments in Heraklion Harbour, Crete.

Jennifer Clare Wilson. 1992. The causes of poor biological water quality of the Logie Water and River Avon.


Iain Urquhart Allan. 1993. An investigation into the production of sodium channel blocking toxins in marine bacteria.

Theresa Margaret Bonner. 1993. The development and application of the proprietary brine shrimp test for the toxicity testing of blue green algae.

Michael Firth. 1993. The optimisation of a waste treatment system for an electroplating plant.

Claire Gladdy. 1993. The effect of change in flow regime on the colonization of benthic macroinvertebrates on a variety of natural substrata.

Una Goggin. 1993. Sediment toxicity: an intercomparison of two solid-phase bioassay techniques.

Lisa Joanne Johnson. 1993. The recovery of benthic communities after cessation of colliery spoil dumping.

Krisztina Kelemen. 1993. Phytoplankton investigations in Loch Leven with special regard to the weather conditions.

Mark Irvine. 1993. An investigation of the macroinvertebrate communities associated with different bank habitats in the River Frome, Dorset.

Ruth Elizabeth Maddocks. 1993. Comparison of water quality using aquatic macrophytes within part of the National Rivers Authority Severn-Trent region.

Derek Panton. 1993. Water quality and the flux of matter in the larval rearing of Gilthead Sea Bream (Sparus auratus): the influence of biofiltration, algae, fish biomass and live food organisms.

Tessa Turner. 1993. The importance of diffuse sources of phosphorus from Scarrow Beck to the River Bure - Norfolk.


A Brenda C Alvares. 1994. An evaluation of live sorting and dead sorting of freshwater macroinvertebrate samples, for the purpose of biological assessment of water quality.

Helen Christiansen. 1994. The development of an in situ bioremediation method for coastal water revival.

Marc Cuellar-Roehri. 1994. Hepatic cytochrome P-450 1A induction by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Dab (Limanda limanda).

Richard Dannatt. 1994. Sampling variation of benthic macroinvertebrates in homogeneous river reaches.

Kathy Dale. 1994. Diel variation in the use of an intertidal salt marsh creek by fish and decapod crustaceans.

Leigh Hedges. 1994. The environmental impact of printers.

Jayne KG Ingram. 1994. Freshwater invertebrates of exposed shingle banks and river shoals on the River Rye and the River Swale.

Krisdianto. 1994. The effect of calcium ions on phosphate precipitation in high rate algal ponds.

Anthea Parry-Evans. 1994. The effect of flow velocities and surrounding susbstrate on the colonization of new habitats and the responses of the invertebrate community to both long-and short-term flow changes.

Caroline Roff. 1994. The development and application of the Gammarus pulex feeding test in the toxicity testing of complex effluents.

Dagmar Rothaug. 1994. A study of benthic microalgal biomass near industrial effluents: its pattern and the possibility of its use as a tool in pollution monitoring schemes.

Keith George Thom. 1994. A study into the efects of wastewater outfall on the surrounding benthic environment of the Clyde estuary.

Innes Dewar Urbanski. 1994. The use of diatoms for water quality assessment.

Nigel BG Walker. 1994. The effects of bioturbation on phosphorus movement across the sediment-water interface.


Marsha Alvarez. 1995. An investigation of the spatial variation of freshwater macroinvertebrates from various mesohabitats of the River Frome, Dorset.

Sarah Ann Barber. 1995. The effect of amino acids on subcuticular bacteria of Ophiuroidea.

Nicola Ann Beresford. 1995. P450 enzymes in echinoderms as indicators of oil contamination.

Stefan George Bolam. 1995. An assessment of the ecological effects of the Wheatcroft outfall on an intertidal lagoon, Cornelian Bay, Scarborough.

Karen Dannatt. 1995. An investigation into pesticide usage around Elsham and Ulceby and its implication to surface and ground water pollution.

Fiona Mary Eleanor Davidson. 1995. The application of a whole sediment bioassay using Corophium volutator to the Clyde Sea Area.

Joseph H Hewson. 1995. Physico-chemical and biological factors affecting fish kills in the Middle Level.

Paul G Johnson. 1995. Phytoplankton sampling methodology in the Firth of Forth: an investigation of the relationship between traditional sampling methods and an automated technique.

Robert Knight. 1995. The effect of stress upon the feeding rate of Gammarus salinus Spooner.

Tracy Anne McCollin. 1995. An investigation into the spatial variation and the interactions between the phytoplankton and zooplankton in the River Trent.

Ann Nuttall. 1995. A study of the potential for development of a detection protocol for Legionella pneumophila from aquatic environmental samples using the Epics Elite Flow Cytometer.

Annette P Schubert. 1995. Hepatic cytochrome P-450 1A1 levels in Plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) and Viviparous Blenny (Zoarces viviparus) in relation to chemical contamination - a field study in Scottish coastal waters.

Neil Stephenson. 1995. An analysis of the habitats and species directive and potentials of implementation.

Paul David Turner. 1995. Accident and emergency procedures for handling petroleum products: protection of drainage systems and the water environment.


Beverly Allen. 1996. Downstream biological effects of frequent releases from a compensation release reservoir in the River Nidd, Yorkshire, and a comparison with threee other unregulated rivers.

Emma Baker. 1996. An examination of the problems associated with and causing poor water quality and restricting biota in the River Foulness.

Sarah Bruce. 1996. Designs to maximise the conservation value of constructed wetlands and reedbeds.

Paul F Burgess. 1996. Investigation into the effects of the marine phycotoxins: saxitoxin, okadaic acid and brevetoxin, on the hepatic cytochrome P450 system in farmed Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar).

Jonathan Peter Elmes. 1996. An investigation of the cockle (Cerastoderma edule L) population on Seal Sands and the potential of such a population for monitoring of sensitive inter-tidal areas.

Tessa Harding. 1996. Reintroduction of the native oyster (Ostrea edulis) into the Firth of Forth, Scotland: a feasibility study.

Julia Johnstone. 1996. A comparison of the macroinvertebrate communities in tributaries of the River Nethy with different catchment characteristics.

Samantha JL McKeown. 1996. The effects of shellfish cultivation on intertidal bethic communities and associated sediments.

Catherine L Lord. 1996. The development of novel assays to determine the viability and growth of symbiotic bacteria in relation to oil pollution.

Adrian Thomas Worley. 1996. Ecological studies of the Sea Empress incident.


Alison Arbuthnott. 1997. An investigation into the temporal and spatial variation in the faunal assemblages of mesohabitats in the River Frome, Dorset.

Sandra Catherine Barber. 1997. Macrobenthic community response to sediment-associated organochlorine contaminants: Bioavailability, bioaccumulation and toxicity in laboratory-based complex microcosms.

Melanie Bergmann. 1997. Lysosomal pathology in Nereis diversicolor as a biomarker - An in vitro study.

James Robert Brown. 1997. An assessment of the Microtox Chronic Toxicity Test.

Robert Graeme Buchan. 1997. A comparative study of two East Scottish estuaries, the Lower Forth and Ythan, using the ECOPATH trophic interaction model.

Ellen Carnegie. 1997. Immunoamplification of antigens for the rapid detection of bacteria.

Louise M Collier. 1997. An assessment of the acute impact of the particle-associated Sea Lice treatment, Ivermectin on the benthic community.

Kristina Mazik. 1997. Field deployment of a feeding rate bioassay, using Chaetogammarus marinus, to assess the toxicity of industrial effluents.

Neasa McDonnell. 1997. The habitat assessment of the River Laxford and the River Inver with subsequent analysis of the juvenile salmonid populations through the use of electrofishing.

Douglas Fraser McGeachin. 1997. Geographic variation, parasitic trematodes and their influence on the ongrowing potential of the Common Edible Periwinkle: Littorina littorea(L).

Paul O'Callaghan. 1997. The Body Shop International Plc ecological waste water treatment report 1997.

Gail Louise Elizabeth Pluckrose. 1997. Detergent foaming of waste water effluents from three sewage treatment works in the Severn Trent region.

Rebecca Speight. 1997. A toxicity assessment of sewage influent using MICROTOX.

Robert J Stebbing. 1997. Investigation into the possible mechanisms of detoxification of saxitoxin in wild sea scallops (Plecopecten magellanicus).

Anja Weidemann. 1997. The effect of environmental conditions on seasonal variations in growth rates and diets of 0+ Roach Rutilus rutilus (L) at three sites in the River Great Ouse.

Christine M Wilson. 1997. Use of the Trophic Diatom Index to assess the trophic status of the River Blythe.


Mark Henry John Bishop. 1998. The sediment oxygen demand within the Tawe Impoundment, Swansea.

Trevor Blackall. 1998. Development and testing of a multistrain, microplate based microbial assay for marine pollutants.

Jayne V Brian. 1998. Fluctuating asymmetry analysis as a method of assessing stress in fish: an investigation using image analysis.

Paul Brophy. 1998. Post auditing of environmental impact predictions for flood protection works in Broadland.

Jillian Boag. 1998. An assessment of Loch na Claise Ferna trout (Salmo trutta) fishery: past, present & future.

Nathan Critchlow-Watton. 1998. The effects of minewater pollution and upland acidification on the macroinvertebrate communities within the Pelanna catchment of South Wales.

Corinne A Crichton. 1998. Optimization of sampling protocol for primary water quality parameters and preliminary investigation of diurnal patterns of oxygen consumption and total amonia nitrogen production in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar), in the SEA SystemTM.

David Fellows. 1998. A study of Flamborough Head: an area of conservation importance.

Dimitris Giantzoudis. 1998. Proteoglycan and collagen distribution in echinoderm surfaces: an immunohistochemical study using light microscopy.

Helen Grant. 1998. Spatial and temporal variation in macroinvertebrate drift in the Girnock Burn, Aberdeenshire.

Shalla Gray. 1998. The nutrient assimilative capacity of maerl as a substrate in constructed wetland systems.

Gillian A Hull. 1998. The effect of pollutant stress on metabolism and DNA synthesis in symbiotic bacteria and their invertebrate hosts.

Paul Hyatt. 1998. Optimum reallocation of Upper Derwent compensation flows to best meet ecological needs.

Sandra Pirie. 1998. Random zone samples; are they indicative of the drinking water supplied by the East of Scotland Water, with respect to coliforms?.

Lisa Skelton. 1998. Nitrogen and phosphorus budgets for Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) fed with low or high feed rations.

Kevin Christopher Wells. 1998. An investigation into the suitability of Arenicola marina and Corophium volutator whole sediment bioassays for assessing the toxicity of sediments contaminated with copper and zinc.


Iain Arnott. 1999. A study of in-stream sources of phosphorus in the Leet Water.

Julie Kristina Bowen. 1999. Kin discrimination in juvenile Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L: responses in a traditional choice channel and a semi-natural stream channel.

Joanna Natalia Buffoni. 1999. Summer water quality analysis of the Gulf of Olbia (Sardinia, Italy).

Robin Clarke. 1999. An investigation into the land use of the Brox Burn catchment and its impact on water quality.

Susan Maria Craig. 1999. Short-term patterns of soluble reactive phosphorus concentration in Esthwaite Water.

Hazel Dale. 1999. The nitrogen and phosphorus removal efficiencies of Lemna and Cladophora grown on effluent from a model activated sludge plant.

Kieran Fay. 1999. A study of trihalomethanes and associated water quality parameters in a municipal drinking water distribution system.

Susana Fernandez-Rocha. 1999. An examination of the methodology used to detect biofilms in drinking water systems.

Rebecca Fitton. 1999. The effects of teflubenzuron, a sea lice chemotherapeutant, on benthic intertidal invertebrates.

Erell A. Guezennec. 1999. Inducton of enzymes involved in the detoxification metabolism by paralytic shellfish poisoning toxins in Blue Mussel (Mytilus edulis).

Dawn E Hardy. 1999. The impact of agricultural landuse on floodplain tributaries of the upper River Tay.

Justin Steven Macrae. 1999 Determination of autonomous domoic acid production by bacteria isolated from the diatom Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries CLN-1 using an indirect competitive ELISA and HPLC.

Glen A Meadows. 1999. Post-project appraisal of the invertebrate comunities of artificial riffles in a lowland stream.

Richard Minet. 1999. Study of the relationship between organic matter input and the benthic macrofauna in the sediment of the Frisian Front using chlorophyll a as marker.

Hazel Narro. 1999. A study of the ecology of smelt in the upper and lower Forth estuary.

Marie Piazza. 1999. Cytochrome P450 response in plaice, Pleuronectes platessa, and Atlantic Cod, Gadus morhua, exposed to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).

Nadeera Rajapakse. 1999. Evaluation of alkaline labile phosphorus as a biomarker for estrogenic exposure in chub.

Craig Alexander Wilson. 1999. An investigation into waste minimisation techniques at Belhaven Brewery, Dunbar.


Louise Bond. 2000. An ecological study of Loch nam Brac: its possible recovery and future management.

Huw Coffin. 2000. Assessing the ecological health of Montrose Basin.

Alison Fulton. 2000. A feasibility study into overcoming barriers to salmon migration in the Water of Leith.

Alison S.L. Gilmour. 2000. Assessing the effects of a groundwater extraction upon the biota of an upland river in the Brecon Beacons.

Morton Heddell-Cowie. 2000. The estimation of the populaton of smolts emigrating from the River North Esk using river flow data.

Kleio Kalemtzaki. 2000. The implementation of the Lotic-invertebrate Index for Flow Evaluation (LIFE) method for routine biomonitoring.

Ewan Law. 2000. Biological effects of PAHs associated with discharge effluent from an aluminium smelter located at Kinlochleven.

Michael Penston. 2000. Fatty acid biogeochemistry of surficial sediments in the upper basin of Loch Etive, Scotland.

Karen Phillip. 2000.The ecology of a recently restored river channel.

Vladislav Sheptalov. 2000. Effect of 17b -oestradiol and 4-tert-octylphenol upon physiological and molecular biomarkers of oestrogenic exposure in sand gobies (Pomatoschistus minutus).

Sarah Venis. 2000. Habitat use and diel migrations of the dace, Leuciscus leuciscus (L.) in the River Frome, Dorset, determined by radio telemetry.

Claire L. Walkland. 2000. Transformations of paralytic shellfish toxins (PST) by marine bacteria.

Edward J.C.Watts. 20000. Investigation on the longitudinal and mesohabitat distribution of Brachycentrus subnubilis in the River Frome, Dorset.

Hannah R White. 2000. The eutrophication of Llyn Penrhyn, Anglesey.


Albert Amberger. 2001. Investigation of the Rivers Perlenbach and Biberbach and a conservation strategy for their populations of the freshwater pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera.

Lindsey A Beech. 2001. Cytochrome P450 induction in plaice (Pleuronectes platessa) and flounder (Platichthys flesus) in response to PAH contamination in Scottish waters.

Lisa Cassidy. 2001. Organic matter from riverine sediment: extraction methodology and trace metal content.

Martin John Churchill. 2001. The use of metallothionein as a biomarker of heavy metal pollution, specifically cadmium, in Scottish mussels.

Nicola Clegg. 2001. The effect of land use on the macro-invertebrate community in the drainage ditches of ranchlands in South Florida.

Julie Fairbrass. 2001. A fish community survey on the Water of Leith.

Robert Gillan. 2001. The effects of physico-chemical factors on the spatial distribution of stream water crowfoot (Ranunculus spp.) in the Water of Leith.

Megan J Klaar. 2001. Distribution and habitat utilisation of the Pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus (L.)) in the River Ouse catchment, East Sussex.

Jane E. Koch-Osborne. 2001. Survey and Assessment of Two Small Streams in South Dorset.

Joanne Moodie. 2001. Utilisation of large and small organic molecules as nitrogen sources by three species of freshwater algae.
Christopher D Paynter. 2001. Detection of integrons in the freshwater environment.

Lorraine Quinn. 2001. The Ageing and the Habitat Analysis of Lamprey Populations at Two Sites on the Water Of Leith.

Richie Sands. 2001. A comparison of the stress response following handling and confinement in three species of cyprinid fish.

Nusrat Shaheen Shah. 2001. Scaling up of the British Standard method for the enumeration of F-specific bacteriophages in water.

Deborah J. Spring. 2001. A comparison of the performance of six sampling protocols used for estimating benthic invertebrate community descriptors.

Fiona M Young. 2001. Immunological interactions of geographically distinct isolates of Streptococcus iniae with rainbow trout (Onchorhynchus mykiss L).


Gillian Andrew. 2002. Investigation into temporal fluctuations of soluble reactive phosphorus concentration in the surface waters of a temperate lake during summer stratification.

Wisrutta Atthakor. 2002. Investigation into the physical, chamical and biological conditions of the lagoon at Deep Sea World, South Queensferry.

Paul F Clark. 2002. A study of Pholis Gunnellus (butterfish) in an area of Loch Sunart used for aquaculture.

Emma Drummond. 2002. The use of direc toxicity assessment for the regulation of complex toxic discharges to the aquatic environment: improving the efficiency and effectiveness of standard methods.

Mark K Megaughin. 2002. The establishment of type-specific biological reference conditions for high altitude lakes in Scotland.

Fumiko Michino. 2002. The study of Echinogammarus marinus (Leach) populations in relation to salmon farms in Loch Sunart, Scotland.

Chrysi Papdimitriou. 2002. Toxicity of industrial effluents in the area of Thessaloniki.

Charles Perfect. 2002. Wetland selection by the Black-necked Grebe (Podiceps nigricolis) in Scotland and the north of England.

Jon F Treacher. 2002. Studies on the methods for enumeration of heterotrophic bacteria and Legionella pneumophila in water.

Ying Yang. 2002. Modelling the coastal impact of different levels of sewage treatment.


Hamed Said Al-Hasani. 2003. Comparison of a novel filtration system with flatbed membranes for recovery of E.coli O157 from water samples.

June Bell. 2003. Factors affecting the distribution and abundance of brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in the Douglas Water catchment.

Gaëtan Bureau. 2003. Improvement of the water quality discharged by the waste water treatment plant of Ford Aquitaine Industries SAS.

Helena Carey. 2003. The impact of Signal Crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus) on macroinvertebrates and biotic indices.

Katie Doig. 2003. The environmental impact of dredge spoil in the Firth of Clyde.

Cédric Douence. 2003. Study of the subtidal macrobenthic communities of Arcachon Bay: abundance, biomass and diversity.

Rebecca Fielding. 2003. Can the vertical distribution of zooplankton be predicted by physical gradients?

Elizabeth Lawton. 2003. The biological effects of the sea lice chemotherapeutant, emamectin benzoate, on marine invertebrates.

Roshni Kumari Mistry. 2003. Biodiversity of urban ponds: An assessment of indicator species and their value in environmental education.

Vincent Roche. 2003. A review assessing a program dedicated to the evaluation of the Thonaille based on scientific grounds.

Gavin Thomas. 2003. Investigating the effect of long term temperature change at Loch Leven on zooplankton abundance and water quality.


Jose Ignacio Ramos Grande. 2004. The ecological assessment of the Union Canal.

Erica Harrap. 2004. Constructed wetlands for the treatment of gully liquor: an investigation into the efficiency of the Bowhill constructed wetland.

Sarah Mary Hewett. 2004. Fucus vesiculosus d15N as an indicator of biologically available fish farm Nitrogen.

Callum Hollywood. 2004. Current status of algal communities in recovering acidified streams.

Jenni Kakkonen. 2004. Utilization of ammonia in the vicinity of fish farms by the macroalgae Palmaria palmata (Linnaeus) Kuntze and Laminaria saccharina(Linnaeus) Lamoureux.

Gary D Mitchell. 2004. The effects of physicochemistry on the hyporheic meiofauna of acidified upland streams.

Jorge Garcia Molinos. 2004. An assessment of juvenile salmonid populations within selected sites under the Sustainable Fisheries Programme for the rivers Dunnant, Dulais and Marlais ( South Wales), in relation to habitat degradation.

Ross Gordon Andrew Woodside. 2004. Assessment of in-stream phosphorus loadings in the Leet Water and Lambden Burn.


Yanan Di. 2005. Diffusivity in PVA hydrogels used as immobilization system for whole cell biosensors.

Anne Francesca Ferry. 2005. Investigating the comparability of the Irish and British methods for assessing river water quality, in relation to implementing the Water Framework Directive in Ireland.

Dominic Welsh. 2005. Comparison of marine biotic indices in relation to the Water Framework Directive.


Damien Arnoux. 2006. Assessment of mercury contamination of two lentic ecosystems: comparison between two Alpine lakes.

Catia de Carvalho Domingos Carrieira. 2006. Application of “Phytoplankton Community Index” to Loch Creran ( West Scotland).

Therese Follin. 2006. Oxidative stress in mussels (Mytilus spp.) from Loch Etive, Scotland, or exposed to Copper II.

Jill Gillard. 2006. A study of the effects of river flow regulation on benthic invertebrate communities and physical characteristics of the Ettrick and Yarrow Waters.

Abdul Odunmbaku. 2006. Assessing undesirable disturbances in Nigerian aquatic ecosystems.

Kirsty L Sweeney. 2006. An investigation into the microbial impacts of dog fouling on Portobello beaches, Edinburgh.

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Wang Lin. 2006. Nutrients and invertebrate fauna research with changes in the bird community at Bemersyde Moss, Scotland.



Updated 10 October 2000