MSc Aquatic Ecosystem Management

Freshwater Biological Monitoring

Macroinvertebrate sampling in the River Almond, October 2004

Flows were very high after recent rain
The procedure for kick-sampling was explained,
And demonstrated
Then everyone took a turn at sampling
Due to the conditions, samplers were roped up for safety
In the lab, invertebrates were sorted from the rest of the material

Linhouse data:
DO mg/l=95.3% saturation;
Conductivity 137µS;
pH 7.7, 7.5
Flow velocity



Upstream site data:
Temp. 8.5°C;
DO mg/l=95.5% saturation;
Conductivity 214µS;
pH 7.7, 7.6
Flow velocity


Downstream site data:

DO mg/l=97.1% saturation;
Conductivity µS;
pH 7.6
Flow velocity



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