MSc Aquatic Ecosystem Management


Algarve Field Course 2004: Ria Formosa

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Visit to Necton: commercial production of plankton using solar bioreactors


Saltpans, with mariculture establishment in background


Use of tidal power: tidal grain mil


Visit to investigate the biology of temporary ponds:


In Spain, men on horseback charge at these with lances, apparently.. Here, the windmills do the charging


These modern windmills lie next to one of two very ancient temporary ponds.. that one past me again?




Now you see it....


Where's the pond gone?


No, that's a bit too temporary: keep walking!


So who's going in?



We want all those flowers picked, now!


Only joking, of course,..




They are a rare variety of Ranunculus


The ponds are an important refuge for some other endangered wildlife species.
No, not the students; the pond life is in the bowl.
Ria Formosa Marine Wildlife park: benthic sampling
Examining the catch back in the lab.

This is a terrestrial species: processionary moth caterpillars on the move


Visit to Cabo de Sao Vicente

Next stop America


The Ria Formosa: an estuarine area between the sand dunes and the land

The dunes must be protected from erosion by human activity in order to protect the Ria



Visit to fish production plant

These tubes contain cultures of algae used to feed rotifers, in turn used to feed the fish larvae.



Some pictures from the 2005 trip here