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How to use this website:

1: The Index contains links to most images on the site, if you know the name of the alga you are interested in. It is now annotated to give a brief, but not definitive, description.

2: To browse algae found in particular habitat types, follow the links below (or above) and check out the thumbnails.
Pages devoted to identifying different growth forms are under development here (WebKey)

These pages are optimised for a screen resolution of 1024x768 pixels: the images obtained when you click on a thumbnail are the largest available, up to the limit of this screen size.

N.B. The pages have been updated to open the full-sized images in a new browser window: the image may appear distorted if the window is not large enough - stretch the window until the image can be seen full-size. You can open more than 1 image at a time in order to compare them.

Most photographs were taken at Edinburgh Napier University using a Leitz Laborlux S microscope fitted with Diagnostic Instruments' Spot digital imaging system.


- Identifications are carried out to the best of my ability with the guides available.
- Some earlier IDs made using Prescott (see references) may be in doubt since nomenclature has been revised.
- Cases where the ID is uncertain contain "?" in the name; these may be revised periodically.
If anyone finds a misidentification I would be very grateful if you let me know.



1: Index = Alphabetical listing of images updated August 2011


2: Lists by habitat, with thumbnails:

Freshwater filamentous algae of acidified streams (pH 4-7)
Pond algae: attached forms
Planktonic Unicellular and Colonial algae
High Mountain Lochans in Scotland.
'Snapshots':   collected on visits to a variety of locations

3: Pictures by genus:

4: Other topics:

Conjugation in Zygnemataceae
Freshwater Rhodophyta

5: WebKey: identification aid

6: Methods

7: References

Contributions to the gallery or other comments are welcome.



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: An image-based key to algae, cyanobacteria and othe aquatic objects (A.L.Baker)

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