Descriptions of operational taxa found in field studies in Scotland.

(Loch Ard area of The Trossachs, Galloway, Islay, Morar and Glenelg:
Kinross, 1985, 1991 and unpublished data)


Cyanobacteria: Oscillatoriaceae: Oscillatoria;   Phormidium;   Tolypothrix;   Tolypothrix epiphyte;   Stigonema;   Scytonema;   Amphithrix
Rhodophyta: Batrachospermum;   Lemanea;   Audouinella (=Rhodochorton );   Audouinella (green);
Chlorophyceae: Chaetophorales: Draparnaldia;   Stigeoclonium;   Chaetophora;   Microthamnion.
Bulbochaete;   Oedogonium.
Zygnemataceae: Zygnemales: Spirogyra;   Zygnema;   Mougeotia.
Microsporales: Microspora.
Ulotrichales: Geminella;   Hormidium (Klebsormidium);   Ulothrix.


These samples were collected as part of an investigation of the effect of 'acid rain' into the distribution of freshwater algae, between 1985 and 1989. Background information on the development of our understanding of freshwater acidification during this period (with some recent updates) can be found here (lecture notes).
It is interesting to compare the controversy over the cause of acidification with the current climate change debate (2012). As then, vested interests are keen to deny a role for anthropogenic emissions.


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John Kinross